Happy New Year to almost Everyone!

It has been one year since I began Artpetal, Where we buy one we buy all. I am working to help small businesses in America, some  are struggling with the latest bologna from the nonsense that is being spewed out by the Fake News, and more nefarious aspects of this place we live in. Some are doing very well.  What ever the status is of our Patriots, I support them in their love of America. 

It takes me about 20 minutes to put up a page and a logo for singular small businesses . I am also fielding comments, much of it is spam from people trying to sell all kinds of things including porn. I maintain the database and edit the pages of folks who want to change what is on their page.
Recently I have been asking people to express their love of America someplace in their description, or ‘About’ text.

 “To Thine Own Self Be True”

What ever you do in this life, this is my hope for you, that you stand with yourself and be there for yourself, always stand with yourself. Build your confidence. I have seen various interpretations of William Shakespeare’s  words from his play “Hamlet” and I stand with my own understanding of those words. To be double minded is a self defeating thing. What one’s “Own Self” is, is up for interpretation as well, I have experience that tells me it is much more knowledgeable than little “me”.