Bright hope for the Future


What if the human mind is a chemical dark room that can develop an idea that is properly seeded?

I used to spend my days screaming at the television and that habit got worse until I realized it wasn’t just commercials designed to denigrate, but everything about what was coming out of it that was making me ‘unwell’. 

So I threw the thing away. I bought a computer and began to learn how to play with the code behind websites until I could make my own web site. Back then there wasn’t much tech support, no one I knew, nor tech admins, could answer my questions, so I had to get the answers by search engines.

I never was plugged into this society much so by the time Donald Trump came along, I appreciated his honesty. I mostly agreed with everything he said. Though I didn’t really enjoy cops that much, I had had some fun with them, and certainly understood them to be humans, mostly trying to help. I even had a few laughs with them from time to time.

Then our duly elected President ran off with the united States base of around 100 million people by having huge rallies to give us the news.

Now, the term news means North East West South. And at the time of his election the united States had been under a news blackout from every direction, even Zenith north. In fact when George Bush, the lesser, in 2001, instructed the Nation on the supposed weapons of mass destruction of Afghanistan, there were worldwide protests of immense magnitude that the Fake News largely ignored. 

I only knew this because of my habit of going outside the main stream for answers to questions I had while trying to learn web design without any help from the morons in charge of such things. I was out on the web most of the time, and fortunately for me, I had no television to dim and distort my view of the world.

Donald Trump made everything over in his own image, including the Republican Party.  

The domesticated Americans had never seen such class or intensity in a president and followed the State Media. Many allowed their view of him to be distorted and stained. The majority of Americans were enthralled and their mood heightened by the idea that America could be prosperous again and ignored the detractors. He was a great wake-up call to the sleepy, and without him we would have lost the America we always dreamed we were, even if the evidence around us told us different. 

He woke many up to what Obama had tried to do to us, and that Traitor nearly succeeded in a hopeless sacking of the entire county.
When the election was stolen by globalists, the President we knew went underground and we waited. Many had inside information, but only those with enough imagination to think outside of the wire cage many were in. The cage was imaginary, and those with vision steadfastly stayed with the plan they could see behind enemy lines.

Now we have a large base of Americans, including the military who are at the ready, and my vision of our America is bright. As yours should be!