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Foreign suppliers are making billions of dollars from imported produce. Labor laws, food safety, irrigation and water sanitation. These areas are just a few to mention. These laws are heavily enforced on the U.S. farmer. Foreign countries do not have comparable labor laws, food safety, irrigation, or water sanitation. U.S. farm laws are in place for your safety. When foreign countries can produce fruits and vegetables without comparable regulations, and then dump them into the American markets, it creates a catastrophic situation for the American Farmer. This is definitely not a level playing field. We understand the pressures that imported foods are putting on the American Farmer and the time is now to support them!

Patriot Foods brand pledges that we will ONLY sell and have ONLY sold American grown and packed produce. Every time you pick up a package of Patriot Foods you can be assured that the contents inside were grown by our countrymen in the fields of our homeland. No fine print on our label is necessary to find out where your food was grown.

(616) 268-9110
P.O. Box 857
Grand Haven, MI 49417


So far I’ve tried two cheeses (one spread and one block), sliced ham and sliced turkey and all have been terrific. None were priced any more than I would have paid anywhere else and free shipping over $45! Real pleased, and will definitely be returning.

Goldie | April 1, 2021

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