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Prairie Junction Farms

Prairie Junction Farms
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How great to be able to feed our kids from the ground on our farm! We noticed the almost 5 acre farm had more potential than just a wonderful garden. We branched out into laying chickens. Their beautiful large, brown eggs were nothing that we were used to. Then Bill said, “Why not pigs?” We wanted a pig that grazed more than “rototilled” our land. We wanted a good, quality pork as well. Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPP) are so friendly and loving. Their meat is red and marbled. First time we saw it, we thought we may have gotten beef from the butcher instead!
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Oh. My. God. The very best toffee ever. Just about to go order some more. To. Die. For.

Goldie | April 4, 2021

My friend ordered some Toffee, she said it was to die for! There is an image of it, my mouth is watering!

Annon | April 1, 2021

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