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Matt Gerwitz
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Effective communication is about more than just content writing. Matt is available for other creative pursuits of communication as well:

Authoring — The written word is still one of the most effective ways of communicating thoughts and ideas. Matt is an accomplished author, having written humor, parenting and educational titles. He would be happy to collaborate with you on your authoring project.
Public Speaking — Communicating effectively through public speaking requires the skillful use of both language and reason. Matt speaks forcefully and confidently on a number of important topics facing America today; topics such as Common Core, homeschooling, and the decline of liberty and freedom.
Music — Music has the ability to move the heart and mind in ways nothing else can. Matt offers a unique and special kind of music for your church or Christian special event.

The Truth About John Dewey

John Dewey was a 19th century philosopher, psychologist, and education activist who is credited as being largely responsible for shaping our modern educational system. Unfortunately, Mr. Dewey was also a socialist who believed the school system was the best tool for destroying religious faith, family values, and the principles of individual liberty and freedom. If America does not wake up to the reality of John Dewey and his influence on 21st century education, it will be the source of her destruction. In this presentation we will look at Mr. Dewey’s now infamous Pedagogic Creed, his purpose for promoting public education, and how far we’ve gone in implementing his stated goals. What you learn may shock you. Be prepared to face a very uncomfortable truth; be prepared to tell others about it as well.



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