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Our goal is to provide you with original plant based wellness products for actual relief without side effects.  We understand the partnership between humans and plants and have found a way to help your body to heal itself naturally, using the BEST form of this amazing plant. We have partnered with a prestigious, organic Oregon Hemp Farm to provide you with consistently healthy,  clean and effective products.


A Word From Our Founder
Hello, I’m Laura Barker and I am the owner of Hempeopathics LLC. I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you a little bit about me and why I decided to start this company.
On April 10th 2008 one of my senior client’s drove me into on coming traffic and I was hit square in my door (t-boned) at 65mph. I wasn’t expected to live. Somehow I survived but was told that I would never walk again.
I was in a chair and on 10 pain pills a day for 5 years. I had a severe toothache like pain from the back of my neck all the way to my tail bone all day everyday.
I finally got out of the chair with the help of kangen water. But I still had quite a bit of pain. Eventually my son started talking to me about cannabis. I tried smoking it but it didn’t take my pain away and I was completely nonfunctional which seemed no different than the pills with the acceptation of cost.
My son then started talking to me about cannabis topical so I bought a $50 ounce of it at a dispensary, tried it and nothing. Now, $50 was a lot of money to me then so, to scrape as hard as I did for this one ounce and then to have it not work was very devastating. At that time I was feeling pretty hopeless and trying to get used to the idea that I’d never get my life back to normal when my son, same son, suggested that I make my own topical. I was a great cook he said, and I could make it better anyway he said… Well, he was right.

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