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Taking Back Coffee to Take Back America
My name is Rusty… I love coffee. I love coffee for the flavor and the functionality. I love the community it fosters and for the needed boost in the morning before a long hard day of work.

What I don’t love is how, just like many of our institutions these days, good coffee is run by the left. Starbucks has been the loudest advocate for the left with their financial backing and pushing of the lgbtq+ agenda and their support of the abortion that literally spends a portion of every cup of coffee you drink on the murder of a living child. But the more you look into many/most coffee companies you find the lefty agenda lurking around every corner.

As the country becomes more divided and the left becomes more effective in stripping the morality from our culture we need to stand up. One of the ways we can do that is with our dollars. Where we spend our hard earned money is important.

Most of us drink coffee. Instead of backing the lefty/liberal agenda every time we buy a bag of coffee how about we do the exact opposite.

 $1 from every bag sold goes to well vetted causes that stand against the left in restoring the Heart of America.
What do we mean by the “Heart of America”

We need to state the facts of life:   like—a man is not a woman,  like—life starts at conception, like— the moral values found in the Holy Bible are what this country was founded on and what made it great.

We need to think about our future and what life we are going to create for our kids if we continue spending trillions of dollars that we don’t have which causes long-term problems while trying to fix short-term ones.

This will help with our financial issues, as well.  We are Americans!  Our ability to think outside the box, create and build has been what has made this country great.  The more we regulate, the more we stamp out the spark of creativity that keeps us moving forward.  Government programs throw good money after bad, trying to fix perceived problems while only making them worse.
   I’m so excited to hear from other like minded conservatives like yourself about your experiences and your vision for the future. Lets choose to speak with our voices and our dollars that we won’t stand for this slow slide into socialism, choking regulation, debt, and murder that the left is pulling us into.
Lets choose together to…
Take Back Coffee to Take Back America



I love this coffee, give it a try! Robust and sweet!

Jennifer | November 19, 2021

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