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I have been making knives for just over 2 years. I started over 20 years ago in leather crafting and making leather backpacks, purses, wallets, etc. It wasn’t until just over 2 years ago that I started to get into bushcrafting and didn’t really like any of the store bought knives that were out there, and the custom knives, although nice, were just not what I was looking for. So I started out making my first knife from a piece of 1095 that I got online. I used hand files to create the bevels and a hand drill to set the hole for the pins. It took days and although the knife turned out really nice I was hooked. From there I made my own 2×72 belt grinder, I built a nice propane forge, I made a table for a small portable band saw, and upgraded to a nice 16 speed drill press. I have a lot more that I want for my shop but that will happen over time. For now I continue to design and make within the limits of my mind.
(423) 847-7237