Edn Farms
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We are Edn Farms in Wisconsin. We’re an organic farm that believes in growing medicinal value crops. We also grow gourmet hardneck garlic and lavender beginning 2022. We love the response we have gotten from Gab and are happy to offer $2 off of our Ednberry kits with the promo code GAB.

Edn Farms is a USDA CERTIFIED organic farm, fully registered handler/processor, licensed and inspected in the State of Wisconsin. We grow and sell medicinal value crops direct to customers. We currently specialize in gourmet hardneck garlic, Elderberry, Aronia, and are starting lavender and black currant, coming ready in 2023.

Where’s the Garlic!?
EDN Farm’s mission is to provide delicious high-quality garlic to as many people as possible. We ship nationwide and love supplying restaurants and eating establishments. Located in Waukesha Wisconsin, our garlic farms is the perfect local spot to get outside your house and have fun while maintaining social distancing. With harvest season running from June to August, now is the perfect time to snag some fresh zesty garlic.
Prairie Junction Farms
Address: prairiejunctionfarms@yahoo.com
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How great to be able to feed our kids from the ground on our farm! We noticed the almost 5 acre farm had more potential than just a wonderful garden. We branched out into laying chickens. Their beautiful large, brown eggs were nothing that we were used to. Then Bill said, “Why not pigs?” We wanted a pig that grazed more than “rototilled” our land. We wanted a good, quality pork as well. Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPP) are so friendly and loving. Their meat is red and marbled. First time we saw it, we thought we may have gotten beef from the butcher instead!