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USA Devolution is dedicated to the subject of Devolution — devolving our Federal Government back to our Constitution as it existed prior to 1871. I firmly believe that our Constitution is one of the greatest documents ever devised by Man and inspired by our Creator, and that many of our current issues stem from straying away from the intent and text of our Supreme Law of the Land. I have 5 children and am very concerned that they are being robbed of their birthright inheritance by self-serving political elites that ought to be serving our interest instead.

So when President Trump announced he was running in 2015, at first I was skeptical, afraid he was just showboating or perhaps a dark horse running to divide the republican voters. Of course the RINO candidates, or as I like to call them, DIABLOs (Demonrat In All But Label Only), like ¡Yeb!, Romney, etc were out of the question. Carson and Cruz were my preference, but the more I watched and listened to Trump, the more he won me over.

When he slammed NoName as a traitor, I was sold — read about the real McCain here , “The War Secrets Sen. John McCain Hides”. As candidate and POTUS, he has exposed the den of thieves, layer by layer while achieving an impressive 606 specific accomplishments under the 18 categories and 64 sub-categories while Making America Great Again.

While I would say that I’ve been awake and digging a long time, I must say that it is only a fraction compared to what Trump and his team has exposed. To paraphrase Reinhold Niebuhr; He has awaken Patriots and given us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, but more importantly, courage to change the things we can. With God’s help, we will have the wisdom to know the difference. And thus, as a Digital Warrior and proud deplorable, I am motivated to blog about devolution related issues.

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