Lone Pine Legends
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He was shot and wounded by a deer hunter in a dismal Northern Minnesota swamp; he was pulled out of the raging water of the St. Louis River on Spring day and saved from drowning; he rode a run-a-way team of broncos, pulling a hay rake through two barbed wire fences and several gates and he also matched wits with the great German Field Marshal Rommel in the North African Desert in World War II.
He shook hands with Winston Churchhill, Irving Berlin, Ernie Pyle, and Clara Boothe Luce and with whomever was Mayor of Rome in 1945.
He has lived a life that not many men would have survived but he is still here in the country that he loves, The United States of America! He has now written his second book on some of his life experiences and observations from the boundary waters to the Crow River; from the Kasserine Pass to the monastery at Monte-Cassino and from the fertile fields of the Po River Valley to the moss covered forests of his home country, from thirty years of school teaching from a stint on the CC camps to a tour as one of the Minnesota’s conservation wardens, to lumber camps, draft horses, boxing, truck driving, etc.
His language is vivid, descriptive colorful and direct as he tells his stories in a manner that is exciting and interesting to both sexes and to youngsters as well as to grandparents.
His stories will make you laugh, they’ll make you cry also and more than likely a few will even make you say a prayer quietly as you read through the book but you will never forget the words of the author who “DOESN’T WRITE STORIES; HE SIMPLY TELLS THEM!”
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