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Taking Back Coffee to Take Back America
My name is Rusty… I love coffee. I love coffee for the flavor and the functionality. I love the community it fosters and for the needed boost in the morning before a long hard day of work.

What I don’t love is how, just like many of our institutions these days, good coffee is run by the left. Starbucks has been the loudest advocate for the left with their financial backing and pushing of the lgbtq+ agenda and their support of the abortion that literally spends a portion of every cup of coffee you drink on the murder of a living child. But the more you look into many/most coffee companies you find the lefty agenda lurking around every corner.

As the country becomes more divided and the left becomes more effective in stripping the morality from our culture we need to stand up. One of the ways we can do that is with our dollars. Where we spend our hard earned money is important.

Most of us drink coffee. Instead of backing the lefty/liberal agenda every time we buy a bag of coffee how about we do the exact opposite.
Nora Bean Coffee
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Our Story

It all started with a nickname. Nora Bean. A name my father came up with out of nowhere and most likely didn’t expect it to become the name of a coffee roasting business, but here we are. My daughter Nora, is the inspiration for both the nickname and the cause of our company. If there is one thing that my Wife and I have learned in parenting, it’s that you will be exhausted 100% of the time. That’s where the coffee comes in. And we aren’t talking about your typical store bought large batch coffee beans. We’re talking small batch, carefully roasted and inspected fresh coffee from the source.

Not only is our coffee just that damn good, but it also supports two great causes that hit home for us. Congenital Heart Disease, and Type One Diabetes. Having our daughter Nora go through open heart surgery at five days old, due to Congenital Heart Disease, and knowing the trauma that comes with that, as well as having a Wife with Type One Diabetes, we couldn’t think of better causes to support. A portion of all profits will be split and donated to researching/curing these two diseases that have become a very real part of our lives before, and after the birth of our children.

So if you want a great cup of coffee from coffee beans roasted with care, and to support a good cause at the same time, order yourself a bag of our coffee beans. You won’t be disappointed and every time you take a sip, you’ll know that you supported a great cause.

Thanks for your support.

-The Team at Nora Bean

President of Nora Bean Coffee Roasters

Leicester, MA