by Barass Blogger

DEI believers (DEIers) divide people into tribes and say society should treat each tribe as it desires. Tribes may be described by skin color, sex., gender preference, etc. Thus, there is, among others, the black tribe, brown tribe, yellow tribe, red tribe, female tribe, LGBTQIA tribe and the white male tribe. 

A person has no choice as to his/her/their tribe; it is assigned at birth. All tribes are victim tribes except for the white male tribe which is responsible for all the world’s wrongs. 

Particularly evil to the DEIers, are the founders of the United States and the country they founded. They seek to overturn the founders’ principle of liberty with their principle of collectivism. All this nonsense has been adopted and absorbed by virtually all our institutions: government. education, media, business, finance, churches, and the Democrat Party. But the public is not convinced as will be demonstrated in 2022. 

Be aware that the DEIers are trying to convince you, the public, to support their apostasy. They are using conformity, compliance and obedience to pressure you. Don’t be fooled.  Remember, we have the secret ballot for the precise reason of negating these psychologists’ tricks.


Barass, 12/8/2022