Going to the fair today with Mike Lindell and Co.

Getting ready to drive one hour east to New Richmond Wi. Yesterday went all the way to New Ulm Minnesota. Its a few hours South West. That place has Trump signs, no BLM signs in site.

Today I wish for paper maps, the kind you stop and look at with a partner,and decide which way to go, oh, and some sleepy towns to drive through with REAL Cafe’s. I love to order REAL mashed potatoes with gravy! And Lemon Pie!

The people in New Ulm were normal. Friendly, kind and considerate. Imagine that!

I hope to post some pictures here on the blog of friendly Patriots with Cartoon Simple Betty, my Logo Girl. She has this website on the back, she’s like a post card or florist card depending on how you sweet talk her.

To WAKE UP, I’m drinking Hunters Blend Coffee, it’s sweet and wonderful, you can buy some my clicking hereĀ  https://artpetal.com/business-directory/1591/hunters-blend-coffee/