War of the tongues

The propaganda above is an actual template for WordPress, so depressing it should be called a  Word-DePress template. It’s a good thing I don’t venture into the future much and stay here in the gift of the present.

Will round table discussions return? Will we become innocent again?

My beliefs about timelines, and individuality are unique, they come from a variety of experiences that are embedded with divine intervention. I no longer ask the question I was born with, I Know the world is a divine experience, at least it has been for me.

I used to argue with people but, no longer. One of my favorite persons to argue with has now ceased this realm, and as I think about him I am sure he wants to know what I’m thinking. Why was he so much fun to argue with? I don’t know! One thing I love about writing is that it gives me answers I didn’t know that I had.

 I think his outrageous attitude that my conclusions were insane intrigued me since I had undeniable spiritual experiences under my belt.  I didn’t know at the time I was talking to a materialist, a reductionist, because he knew about the magic of art, how it leads you, how it communicates with you, so there were some conflicts in his personality that baffled me.  

When I’m baffled that is reason enough to be curious.

I had an experience as a 3 year old that proved to me the idea he had about language was not true for me. To him it was a FACT that a person cannot think without first developing the language to think with. That idea blew my mind, how could anyone think that?


When I told him my experience I was innocent enough to not realize he had no way of understanding it with his preconceived notions of reality. He mocked and ridiculed me, we would sit for hours around a table with other artists present, and his ridicule did nothing what so ever to insult or trigger me, his assertions were so ridiculous to me.

He and I were not trying to convince others at the table of our point of view, which is enlightening now. Think of the way people communicate now days.  Conversations are debates, and people get so angry if you don’t adopt their view point. Will round table discussions return? Will we become innocent again?