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Fat Caps Fungi Website

Do the people I host notice that I don’t email them?  I will when I have a really good reason.

Check on this patriot site, Fat Caps Fungi. I’ve heard great things about them, and who does not love gourmet mushrooms?

My X was a regular meat and potatoes man, and he didn’t like them, but being Italian, I love them, the texture and flavor of mushrooms out weighs the (silly idea) that they are fungus and you shouldn’t eat them.  See, that’s why he’s my X.

Not really.

Look at this! They offer Health Tinctures!


TINCTURES: Tincturing has been around since Ancient Egypt and is the art of extracting the beneficial ingredients from a plant and concentrating it to a liquid form.  Our tinctures are double extracted, meaning we use local, 80 proof alcohol for the initial extract.  The the second stage we hot water extract the remaining fruiting bodies to pull out additional ingredients that the alcohol extraction can not.  We combine the two extractions for an incredible supplement.