We have a 3 Tier system now! We have regular listings, Featured Listings, and Sponsored Listings.  

We have a wonderful platform to contribute to our efforts at improving the #paralleleconomy , and that is Give Send Go.  


Regular listings are Free for one year, and only 30 dollars per year after the date the listing was originally put up.  

A Featured Listing will forego the year of a free listing, and pay the 30.00 up front for a yearly listing.  For this the business will be put on our Feature Page and in the “Featured Category“, on the Listings Categories. The point is to make your business visible quickly to shoppers who support lovers of Freedom. 

Become a sponsor of  Where We Buy One We Buy All   (artpetal.com) to help connect Patriots to Patriots. Your logo will link directly to your website, and will appear at the bottom of the sponsor slider on the home page.  

As a sponsor you will get a regular listing, and appear on the bottom of various categories and tags that relate to your particular expertise. 

 Contact me at lenor@artpetal.com for pricing .

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