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That is a GOOD word, not a bad word. When you are filled with joy and happiness you can help others. When you have nothing , you have nothing to give. Happiness is a choice no matter how much money you have. 

Gandhi ~ 

 Poverty is the worst form of   violence. 

Special Country

I have to suspend my disbelief when I see what is happening to America today. A group of Americans is taking action and we are going to do it with our dollars. This will be a Gigantic Boycott of anything not made in America.

However, people who still depend on products that are not made here are STILL welcome. What we want to do is support Americans who love freedom. There are some people on our site who have imported products or have services that rely on products from less than desirable entities. The point is to support Americans, and have those Americans pledge and make an effort to use American products if the possibly can.

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